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Our Gilded Lil’ Leader.jpeg

In All Seriousness, Sarcastically
Art exhibition By Carlos Aleman

Art Opening is February 10th 6:30 - 9:00 PM

Exhibit is up February 10th, to June 1st, 2023


Carlos Aleman Bio:

Coming from New York City and being a child of the 70s and 80s, I’ve seen stuff. While I’ve done my best to not let it consume me, it has shaped and molded me, from my sense of humor to the to the subject matter of my art. Having gone through public education and the school of the streets, I have learned many lessons about how people treat each other and how people want to be treated, and rarely are they ever in sync. I like to say my medium is political satire. I work in a number of materials. I enjoy drawing, printmaking and painting. My work is also heavily influenced by music. Early punk rock was always about questioning authority and bucked the system. As I’ve matured in life, my artwork is an outlet for that impertinent youth who wants to push the boundary of what is not to be discussed in polite society. Also, with age and experience I am able to verbally defend and add depth to my work without the frustration I had in my youth. My work is layered, like an onion. Or a good parfait. Sometimes smelly and unpleasant, sometimes an ingredient to a larger dish… or a conversation. And it can occasionally be sweet. I draw ideas from current events and past artists. Reinterpretations of old ideas with new subject matter are a fun and exciting way for me to present my work. Bringing humor to uncomfortable topics, such as religion and politics, breaks the taboo. We should be having healthy conversations about them because they affect us all daily.

Take a Sneak Peak! 

Capitalist Pig - detail.jpeg

Capitalist Pig


La Manito - detail.jpeg

La Manito

Color pencil on paper

Our Gilded Lil’ Leader - detail.jpeg

Our Guilded Lil’ Leader

Acrylic on paper

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